Automated Multi-spindle Drilling Machines

Automated Multi-spindle Drilling Machines
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MTP's automated multi-spindle drilling machines are of a gantry design and have three drilling heads. Each head is equipped with 7 spindles to drill shear pin holes in 21 roof bolts and nuts simultaneously. The spindles are set on a 50mm centre to centre pitching and each spindle has an ER20 style mounting with a maximum drilling capacity of 13mm. The dual sided manually operated shuttle table allows increased through put with one side being manually unloaded and loaded whilst the other side is running an automated drilling cycle. Each side is equipped with nut guides and drill bushes for accurate drilling. Each table has hardened steel strips with positioning notches to prevent wear.

Coolant system.
Safety guards.

Bar lengths
3 metres
Cycle time
Typically 42 bars per minute
Pin diameter
4 or 5mm