Automatic Cropping Machines

Automatic Cropping Machines
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MTP's Automatic bar cropping and sorting machine is capable of processing up to 2000 bars per hour or 1000 tons per month. (Based on 20mm bar, 1800mm long, a single shift of 8 hours. 22 work days per month and 75% operator and loader efficiency). The PLC controlled 250 ton eccentric press will automatically crop 90° and 45° angles from the same bar. An integrated bar loader will load 8 by 12 or 13metre long, 750MPa reinforcing bars for continuous production. The reference table will automatically and accurately position the bars, between a minimum of 900mm and a maximum of 3000mm for cropping. High production levels are maintained with an automatic offloading and sorting station.

Hardened rollers on the loading table.
Electromagnetic gantry system for sorting and unloading.
Hydraulically operated indexing die for 90° and 45° cropping.
Entry and exit clamping rollers.

Cropping lengths
900mm to 3000mm, longer on request
Cycle time
2000 bars per hour
Material specifications
Reinforced bar, 12 - 20mm, 750 MPa
Cropping angles
Programmable 90° or 45°