Full range of smaller CNC lathes, HMC and VMC from China.

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Neway Vertical Machine Center (VM Series)

This series of models are designed with high rigidity, which satisfies most applications. The solid base and column adopt Neway's unique rib arrangement, which effectively guarantees the rigidity of the machine.

Neway Horizontal Machining Center (HM/HE Series)

Neway’s integrated machine layout insures components are optimized to handle stress, insure for smooth chip removal and drainage and Easy to maintain.

Neway Portal/ Gantry Machining Center (PM Series)

Portal frame structure, traveling worktable (X axis), spindle box traveling (Z axis), saddle traveling on the beam (Y axis), square ram design and twice speed reducing with gearbox offer low speed constant torque and high speed constant power cutting.

Neway CNC Milling and Boring Machine (PB/HB Series)

PB table type and HB cross slide-type CNC milling and boring machine can easily complete a variety of processing such as boring, milling, drilling, tapping and curved surface, especially suitable for Deep hole boring of complex and precision box parts.

Neway CNC Horizontal Lathe (NL Series)

Neway's Diverse New model line-up is designed and engineered to meet the World Class processing needs of several unique and different industries. The uniqueness of many of their zero-defect manufacturing process has won the trust and praise of many repeat customers worldwide.

Neway CNC Vertical Lathe (VNL Series)

This kind of machine is especially suitable for making large & heavy deformed parts. They are being widely used in engineering machinery, industrial valves, military industry, aerospace and other industries.

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