Guillotines and Shears


Ermaksan's range of guillotine are manufactured to the highest standards with a strong welded mono block frame offering high rigidity and an extended life span.


  • High quality cutting blades are supplied as standard with 2 cutting edges on the top blade and 4 cutting edges on the bottom blade. 
  • The hydraulic variable rake and swing beam models are fitted with a CybTouch 6 CNC touch screen controller as standard. 
  • The mechanical models feature an ERCUT-5 parametric programmable controller. 
  • The mechanical shears have a one handed quick action blade gap adjusting mechanism, whereas the hydraulic shears are fitted with CNC controlled automatic hydraulic blade gap adjustment.
  • All models feature a roller type front table, mechanical hold down clamps and front support arms.

Basic Specifications:

Machine plate processing widths:

3100mm to 6100mm

 Machine plate processing thicknesses:

Up to 40mm