Flat-bed CNC lathes


FAT HACO Flat-bed CNC lathes are high quality European made machines. They are very powerful and rigid, designed for those that want to remove metal fast.


The machines can be equipped with very large spindle bores (140mm for smaller machine in the range and upto 450mm for the mid and large range machines) and a second chuck on the back of the headstock.

The machines are fitted with Siemens 810D Manual Turn controls and can also be supplied with a Fanuc CNC system if preferred.

The machine features several modes of programming:

  • Conventional mode: Conventional turning with electronic handwheels, using the display as a digital readout system.
  • Teach-in mode: The first work piece is machined manually, the next work piece is then machined in CNC mode.
  • Contour mode: The operator draws or defined a series of contours, guided through a manu system, to program a part for machining. It includes a series of elementary geometries and cycles.
  • CNC mode: The machine executes a program in ISO/DIN code and can interface with CAD/CAM systems via a RS232 port.

Basic Specifications:

Swing over bed:

From 560 mm to 1550 mm

Distance between centres:

From 1000 mm to 18000 mm

Spindle bore:

From 105 mm to 140 mm

Main drive power:

From 18.5 kW to 56 kW