Table Type Milling Machine
(Box Way)

KMB Series


The KMB Series from KiHEUNG is constructed using professional assembly methods and hand scraping skills.


  • Kiheung`s unique Huron system consists of up head and low head, can be turned to any desired angle and vertical/ horizontal combined angle milling is now possible. 
  • The column is of a rugged, box-type construction and its ground slide ways are built wide to support and guide the spindle head securely . 
  • (The column of KMB-U6 and KMB-U7 is hardened and ground), the bed is a one-piece construction with a double box of lubrication oil and coolant.
  • The hardened and ground slide ways of the bed provide high stability to the saddle, and the saddle has a rigid box-type construction to deal with loads during heavy-duty cutting.
  • It is supported by the wide slide ways of the bed to assure stable movement and the Biplast (anti-friction material) ensures the smooth movement of the axis.
  • An AC servo motor is equipped with an infinitely variable feed movement, so feed change using a dial on the panel makes for easier operation and choosing of the appropriate feed speed.


Table Size



2000 x 530mm


2200 x 550mm


2700 / 3300 / 3900 x 750mm


2700 / 3300 / 3900 x 950mm

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