Ermaksan Plasma Cutting Machine

Model EPL 260.8x3



Basic Specifications:

Working width:

3000 mm

Working length:

8000 mm

Torch vertical travel:

100 mm

Daylight under bridge:

200 mm

Table height:

750 mm


15 m/min

Positioning accuracy:

+-0.10 mm


+-0.05 mm

Equipped with

  • A Hypertherm EdgePro touch screen CNC controller
  • 3 Axis servo motor system (X, Y1, Y2)
  • Machine axes X, Y, Z
  • A Hypertherm 260XD plasma unit
  • An Oxy-cutting head
  • A Hypertherm ArcGlide torch control with collision control
  • Automatic plasma gas control console
  • Part nesting program
  • Auto cutting height control software
  • Air suction system on cutting table with light-duty ducting to vent to the atmosphere outside your building. (Ducting to modified and fitted by yourselves)
  • USB port
  • Laser pointer
  • Operating manual
  • Several spare packs of new 5mm thick baffle plates for the table.
  • 380 Volt 50Hz Electrical connection