Giddings & Lewis G60T

Giddings & Lewis CNC table-type
boring and milling machine, model G60T, newly retrofitted with a Fanuc CNC system.



The machine is under power in our works and available for immediate delivery.

Basic Specifications:

Table size:

2490 x 1520 mm

X-axis travel (table cross travel):

2300 mm

Z-axis travel (table long travel): 

1500 mm

Y-axis travel (Headstock vertical travel):

1850 mm

Spindle stroke:

915 mm

Spindle motor power: 

30 kW

Spindle speed range:

5 - 1120 rpm

Boring spindle diameter:

152 mm (6")

Spindle taper:

ISO 50

Table loading:

10 tons

Also Available

Giddings & Lewis
Airlift table Model T60 (60“ x 60“)

 Table size  1520 x 1520 mm
 Height of table  275 mm
 Load capacity  10 tons
 Number of T-slots     6 off
 Size of T-slots  1 ½” x 5/8”
 Machine weight  6 tons

Equipped with:

  • Pneumatic control valves
  • Manually rotated