Machine Development

We have a team of experienced machine design engineers to perform the conceptual and detail design of prodution machines. We have developed a full range of production machines for the manufacture of threded rool bolts as used in the mining and construction industries.

We also recondition and modernize machine tools. The modernization of your old machine tool can include the following:
  • Geometric rebuilding of your machine, which includes the precision grinding of all the slideways of the machine and the fitting of new anti-friction liners to all counter surfaces. The machine's geometry will be re-aligned to ISO standards.
  • Mechanical upgrading of all the axes drive trains in order to prepare the machine for CNC operation. We design the complete drivetrain for each axes and then supply and fit new precision ground ball screws driven through low-backlash gearboxes. For very long axes we can fit double pinion gearboxes.
  • Mechanical reconditioning of all retained internals, which is normally performed on "strip & quote" basis.
  • The machine is then retrofitted with a CNC system of your choice (Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens or NUM).
  • The machine is fully tested, with the machine installed and commissioned on one of several simulated foundations in our workshop. The machine is then re-installed on your original foundation, after which your machinists are re-trained in the operation and maintenance of the machine.
  • We then provide life-cycle support for the machine during the warranty period and beyond. You are provided with a new maintenance manual containing full assembly and manufacturing drawings of all newly fitted parts.