services machining
services machining
We have an extensive range of CNC machine tools for the precision machining of complex parts.

  • Our milling capability is headed up by 4 off traveling column-type milling machines, each fitted with a premanently-mounted universal milling head (manually adjustable). 2 of the machines can be interfaced with a 1800mm diameter rotary table as a 4th axis. We've recently added a Toyoda portal-type milling machine with two off 4000 x 2500mm tables in a twin-pallet configuration - this machie will allow for 5-sided machining, with a automatically indexable milling head. We also have a range of 4 smaller bed-type milling machines equipped with Fanuc and Heidenhain CNC systems as 3 and 4 axis machines.
  • Our boring mill capability consists of a Union BFP130/7 floor-type boring machine with 9 meters of long travel and a 2.6m vertical travel. This machine was retoriffted with a Fanuc 31i CNC system in 2014.
  • Our largest vertical boring is a Berthiez 2-axis CNC vertical borer with a 1800mm table, capable of machining 20 ton components upto 4500mm in diameter and 1500mm in height. We also have a range of smaller CNC vertical borers, equipped with hydraulic and manual chucks, ideally suited for the heavy-duty machining of railway wheels, tyres and flanges.
  • Horizontal turning is headed up by a FAT-Haco CNC lathe with 5 meters between centres and 800 mm swing over the bed. We then have a range of smaller CNC and manual lathes.
  • Cylidrical grindiing is limited to a single manual machine capable of 1500mm between centres and 300mm diameter.

Precision Machining

We have an extensive range of mainly CNC machines to perform an array of complex machining tasks. Our typical machining capacity is listed in the table below:

3-axis CNC Milling
Length 10 meter, height 2 meter, width 2.5 meter
4-axis CNC Milling
Maximum diameter approx 2.5 meter
Tube sheet drilling, CNC
Maximum diameter in single setting 2.5meter
Horizontal Turning, conventional
Length 11 meter x 1.4 meter swing
Horizontal turning, CNC
Length 2m x 630mm swing
Vertical turning, CNC
Diameter 4 meter x 1.7 meter high
Internal grinding
Maximum inside diameter 780mm x 1.3 meter deep