ACME CNC Vertical Boring Machine



Our next major acquisition is an ACME Vertical boring and turning machine that we’re modernizing and installing on a heavy-duty foundation in our heavy Bay. This machine is being retrofitted with a new Fanuc twin-path CNC system to control both the turning and milling rams of the machine. The milling ram is equipped with a live spindle and the table features a C-axis for accurate rotational positioning and interpolating.

Basic Specifications:

Table diameter:

4500 mm

Maximum turning diameter:

5600 mm

Maximum component height under bridge:

4560 mm

Max. component height under tool:

4250 mm

Vertical stroke of turning ram:

2250 mm

Vertical stroke of milling ram:

1500 mm

Bridge elevation (W-axis):

3500 mm

Table motor power:

75 kW

Max. table speed:

40 rpm

Milling spindle speed range:

1-1200 rpm

Table loading:

60 tons